Before submitting an abstract, please read the detailed description of the topics of the call for papers by downloading this file:  Topics of the call for papers

Proposals falling outside the scope of these topics will not be considered.

Content: All papers must be original work available to be released for publication. Material that has been previously published will not be accepted. Any reference of a political, commercial or advertising nature must be excluded from the papers. The indication of a brand name should be excluded in the title and in the abstract.

Language: Abstract should be submitted in English or French, and preferably in both languages. Abstracts written in Spanish may also exceptionally be accepted. In this case, the abstracts written in Spanish should be submitted via English or French submission form.

Length: The abstract should not exceed 400 words in each language.


  • 28 February 2017: Deadline for submission of abstracts
  • 1 April 2017: Acceptance notification of abstracts
  • 31 July 2017: Deadline for full papers
  • 31 October 2017: Acceptance notification of full papers
  • 20-23 February 2018: XVth International Winter Road Congress (Gdańsk 2018)

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